First Glimpses

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Here’s a couple of digi photos of the pages as they’re progressing in my sketch book so far…


The first Draft.

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So as of about 5 minutes ago I’ve completed my first draft for episode 1… I guess that means I need to hit it down to the art shop and get some supplies to start seriously drawing!!!

The writing process, for me, is still really difficult but the more time I spend on it the more satisfying it becomes, new ideas forming all the time. I feel as if a universe is forming in my brain… and I am GOD!!! And all of my creations are ants which I can crush at will… or burn with a magnifying glass if I please… I’m going CRAZY with power!!!

Slackman vs Wolverine

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Just a quick update.. my wee Buddy Baden who will be 5 next week just broke his arm last night. Now Baden is a HUGE wolverine fan so I whipped up this little sketch for him. I bet Baden’s wishing right now that he had Adamantium bonded to his skeleton!!!slackman-vs-wolverine-003

Wednesday, time to go back to work

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I’ve spent the last couple of days off sketching and trying to build up some of the antagonists for episode 1… you can see a couple of the sketches for the Supervisor and the CEO on a post from a couple of days back. I’m starting to feel like the character development is stronger than what I’ve created in the past. I’ve also written about a third of my first draft… so I’m not completely slack even if I am slightly inconsistent.

On a slightly different but somehow related theme, I’m hooked on noodle soup for breakfast… a packet of instant asian noodles (the really spicy ones) with some fresh vege’s chucked in before it’s served and some sticky rice. It’s magic!!!

Writing is hard.

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Ideas, I’m good with. Drawing I can do. Actually trying to write a cohesive plot and dialogue… NOW i’m battling. If anybody can direct me to creative writing tutorials or other useful material I’d appreciate it.

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I’ve just noticed in the last day or so (being my work weekend, monday and tuesday) that the days when I should be most productive I tend to slack off completely and feel as though I have little, if any, creative energy. Then I hit wednesday and the start of my working week and I have this overwhelming desire to write and draw and create. I then have to cut my creativity short in order to go to work and I turn into a cranky bastard. Perhaps I just really need those 2 days of hanging with my wee girl and generally feeling relaxed. Hey as long as I’m making progress I shouldn’t knock it right?

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I seem to having a period of immense creativity at this point in time, and the irony of the fact fact that I’m writing a comic book which is essentially about the evils of work and percieved social productivity and having to abandon my creative processes to go and work my own full time job, is not entirely lost on me. I’m not in a completely happy place… I don’t want to go and cook food for 100+ ungrateful people. I want to spend my time with my loved ones and on drawing and writing.